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Black Cat Virtual Assistants

My name is Jen and I started this business as a way to create a better life for myself and the entrepreneurs I see around me on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that time is your greatest asset, which is why I founded Black Cat Virtual Assistants. My mission is to help create a better work life balance for you by taking some of the more time consuming tasks (or smaller tasks) from your business off of your plate.

Jen Jacobs, Edmonton Based Virtual Assistant
Black Cat Virtual Assistants, Edmonton, Alberta

I used to work hard as Red Seal Journeywoman Pipefitter, selling all the hours of my life to the oilfield here in Alberta, so I truly understand what it’s like to have a life that only involves working. And trust me, it wasn’t easy. After deciding to put the more important things in my life first -like time with my family and friends, showing up in my relationships, and snuggling with my black cat James- I wondered if I could help others do the same and improve their work life balance the way I had improved mine. And thus, Black Cat VA was born!

Having lots of experience in many different industries over the years means I've developed a lot of skillsets. I have extremely strong organizational skills, so I can get you organized and make sure you stay that way. My ability to learn on the fly always ensures that tasks are getting completed before their deadlines. I'm a chronic learner so I am constantly taking courses to brush up on my tech skills. Working in the oilfield has taught me how to get things finished, regardless of what resources I may have. I thoroughly believe anything can be done with a little bit of determination and the right attitude. And this is exactly why you are going to enjoy working with me!

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